Top Casinos to Visit in the World

In the United States alone, it has been estimated that there are about 51 million people that visit at least one casino each year. That is roughly one-fourth of the entire population of the country! It is no wonder why there are so many casinos that are now being built not just across the country, but in other parts of the world.

Gone are the days when casinos where just establishments solely dedicated to provide a variety of different games where people can court Lady Luck and try their chances in going home with large sums of money. Today, casinos provide their guests with a number of great accommodations, attractions and numerous incentives not just to keep the guests longer playing on the tables.

It is also meant to serve as a “come-on” to the millions of people who are looking for a place where they would be treated like a high-roller whether they are an amateur or an avid gambler.

It is not only in Las Vegas where you can find great casinos to play and stay in. Here are just some of the top casinos in the world that provide great accommodations to stay and venues to play.

Casino de Monte Carlo

One of the top casinos in the world is the Casino de Monte Carlo located in Monaco. Designed by Charles Garnier – who was also responsible for designing the Opera House in Paris, France, the Casino de Monte Carlo is recognized as the most popular casino in all of Monaco. Upon entering the lobby, you are immediately greeted by a breathtaking atrium that is decorated by elegant marble Ionic columns, mahogany fabrics and chandeliers which are made from pure Bohemian crystals.

It is filled with over 300 different slot machines and 35 different gaming tables that offer some of the well-loved casino games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat, and so much more. There are also a number of different private rooms that you can reserve to enjoy a game with friends or business associates.

Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

The Atlantis Resort is one of the most luxurious hotels in the Bahamas, and home to the largest casino in this part of the world. Guests to the hotel can enjoy from any of the 980 different slot machines and 78 gaming tables, making sure that you do not have to wait in line to get into the game.

Unlike most casinos that are often dark and enclosed, the Atlantis Resort Casino is designed with a skylight and windows, which provides a marvelous view of the beach outside. Apart from making the casino well-lighted, it also gives players something to cool down their nerves and help them relax even if their game is not going as well as they want it to.

Palace of the Lost City, South Africa

Established in 1992, the Palace of the Lost City is the most popular casino in Sun City, South Africa which is just about two hours away from the capital city of Johannesburg. What makes this casino unique from others found all over the world is its ability to bring the African Safari indoors. The casino is decorated with gardens, streams, waterfalls and al fresco entertainment areas where you can take a breather before getting back in the game.


World Series of Poker: Player preview

Let’s preview one of the lesser-known players to make it to the final table of the 2009 World Series of Poker. Joe Cada, a relative baby at 21 when put up against some of his final-table company, has a quiet calm about him. A down-to-earth, hidden confidence not obscured by arrogance or flashiness.

When you see him speak in interviews, you’d think he was a timid, lost person bumbling through his game getting lucky at every turn. But then watch him play and see if you feel the same way. Try to find some highlight footage on the Internet to catch a glimpse of this guy. He’s so calculating, and so quick about it, you wonder how much of him is actually machine.

Anyway, a little background on one of the guys also known as “that group of players who’ll start with more chips than Phil Ivey in November.” Cada is a college dropout who’s been playing professionally for just four years (you can do the legal math there yourself). His experience is mostly made up of cash games, which he says he plays most of the time, with tournaments occupying only his Sundays. Will that breakdown hurt him? It certainly hasn’t thus far, and it can be argued in the later days of the tournament, the competition was just as stiff as it’s going to be at the finale.

Cada, who represents EverestPoker will enter the final table fifth in chips with just more than $13M worth. He dropped low a few times throughout the tournament, so it’s a bit of an eye-opener that we’re even talking about him. But that’s also a testament to how even-keeled he remains as a player. Calculating the odds and watching the betting patterns without fail.

Cada isn’t big on staring people down or working them down mentally. As he says it, his poker calculator game is more about betting patterns. That’s a perfect way to shoot to the top of an online game, and there’s no doubt he’s leapfrogged some respected names on his way to the final table, but what about when he’s staring eye to eye with Phil, who WILL be reading him. How much of a disadvantage will Cada be at if he doesn’t have that weapon in his arsenal…or at the very least, it’s not as loaded as the other players’ ones are?

One thing Cada has going for him is that he’ll be staying fresh with practice in the interim. He’s going to play other tournaments before November, including the PKR World Series of Europe. So keep an eye on this guy. He may not take the prize or even finish in the top 5 this year, but at his young age, he’s certainly a face you can expect to see popping up for quite some time.


Cheating in Blackjack – What Players Do to Cheat the Casinos

In blackjack players have cheated as long as the game has existed. Since decades, thousands of players have tried to use various cheating techniques in order to get more money from the casinos. Unfortunately, today things are different and cheating in blackjack is not really possible in casinos or at least it is not easy. Most casinos today are very well equipped and know how to handle cheaters. Land based casinos use cameras and sophisticated devices and software along with well trained security personnel in order to keep an eye on the players.

Casinos are aware of all the tricks that players use to cheat the pit bosses can identify cheaters in a matter of moment. Given below are some of the cheating methods which have been used by players to cheat casinos at blackjack in the last few years.

Casino Cheating

The land based casinos such as The Bellagio Casino were the only places where players could play blackjack in the past when the online casinos had not existed. Obviously, these were also the only places where the players chose to cheat. There were dozens of different cheating methods which were used by the players to cheat casinos in the past.

Players tried marking the playing cards undetectably and then inserted them back in the deck so that they could recognize the value of the cards when they were dealt. Over the time casinos became aware of these tactics and so the players switched over to luminous marks which can only be read through special glasses or lenses. The other popular cheating method was dealer collusion. Players used to ally with the dealers who would help the players cheat by using techniques like false shuffling, false cuts and second dealing.

The reason why dealer collusion worked quite well was because dealers are usually very talented and it is almost impossible to detect cheating if they perform the tricks well.

Electronic Cheating Devices

Cheaters moved on to electronic devices to cheat at blackjack as the game became more popular to get an edge over the casinos. Many different types of electronic devices had been made and had been used at the casinos over the years. Small computers and devices were often used which helped players track the shuffles and count cards. Security in the casinos was not as tight in the past as it is now. For this reason it was possible for the cheaters to carry such devices with them.

Online Cheating Methods

Online blackjack casinos have become quite a rage today and with its growing popularity cheating has also developed to new heights. Players today manage to sometimes cheat online casinos using different methods like cheating software for card counting to get an advantage at the game. One of the most well known cheating methods online are the bots which play a perfect game on behalf of the player online. Not only are the bots very effective but they are also very difficult to detect and for this reason they have become quite a threat to online casinos.


What are the Internet Poker Rules and Issues

Gone are the days when the Internet was just a portal where people can go to get pieces of information. Today, the Internet offers everything and anything that any person can think of. So, it is not surprising that gambling has made its way here as well. The vast number of websites for Internet poker is one of the many reasons why this card game has become extremely popular today than it has ever been.

One of the great things about Internet poker sites is that the rules are very much the same as the conventional “brick and mortar” places frequented by seasoned players.

Although majority of these websites follow Texas Holdem Poker rules, there are some websites that offer “rooms” where players can also play other variations of Poker such as Omaha and Hi-Lo Poker. As a result, Internet poker websites have been considered as great place for beginners to get a grasp of the basic rules of poker without having to worry about being intimidated by other players.

Perhaps the only variation to the rules from conventional poker games that are implemented in Internet poker is that there is a time limit for you to make a decision on your move. At the turn of each player, he or she is given no more that 2 minutes to make a decision whether to call the bet or to fold.

In the event that the player does not make his or her decision within the time allotted, the player is then taken out of the game and any bets that have been placed previously by the player is lost.

The downside of the rise in the popularity of Internet poker is the rise of various issues and concerns, particularly when it comes to rooms where players play with real money. One such issue is the allegation of insider cheating. Because Internet poker runs on a computer software program maintained by employees of a particular Internet gambling company, employees that have been granted these access may penetrate this and actually play for real money using their ability to maintain and manipulate the software program to his or her advantage.

This issue first became widely known in 2007 when Players Only POker released a statement that the integrity of their website has been breached by one of their employees. In 2008, this issue sprung back when employees of UltimateBet were accused of using their access into the computer software to see the cards of their opponents.

In line with this, there have been questions also with regards to the randomness of the cards in order to entice more players to bet big during the game. In order to combat this, many Internet companies have sought the services of major auditing firms to review the overall fairness of their random generator and payout systems.

It is not only with the employees of Internet poker companies where integrity issues have risen. This has extended among players as well. Some players create multiple accounts in order to minimize loses and maximize on their winnings. This issue broke when in 2007, the winner of the main event of World Championship of Online Poker held by


Tournament Poker -Why are Tournaments So Interesting?

The History of Tournament Poker

Tournament poker is today one of the most popular forms of poker. Although poker has been around for more than a century now, the tournaments are still relatively new. The most respected and well known tournament for poker today is the World Series of Poker. In the year 1972, the grand prize at this tournament had just been $80,000. In the year 2005, the grand prize had grown to a massive $7.5 million which Joseph Hachem had taken home.

This huge difference and growth in the prize money has been because of the number of players that today enter these tournaments. In the year 1972 only 8 players had participated in WSOP while in 2003 this number had grown to 839.

The Popularity of Tournament Poker

The popularity of tournament poker has grown tremendously over the last few years. Today there are several very well known international poker tournaments. Most of the high profile tournaments are covered by television and are very glamorous. It is a fierce competition among the players where the best skills prevail. However, there is also a luck factor involved in tournaments which makes it even more interesting.

When everyone starts with $5,000 the chances in everyday life that one would end up with $5 million seem to be nil. However, at the end of the tournament this does happen and if you are the lucky one and have the strongest skills you might be the one taking home the big cash prize.

Why are Tournaments Popular?

Tournament poker is popular not just because of the large prize money involved. This format of poker is thrilling and eventful. Players from all over the world gather to participate in these events and some of the high profile tournaments are the focus of the media like WSOP. Being in the middle of all this attention can be very exciting and fun.

There are also several satellite tournaments organized for many Full Tilt Poker tournaments and of course, for those who are more comfortable playing online, there are the online tournaments which are just as exciting. If you have good skills, very strong decision making abilities and are prepared, winning at these tournaments is not really impossible.

However, you would also need a bankroll to participate in these tournaments and if you are thinking of participating it is important that you stay grounded and get your facts right. There is a very large number of people who enroll in these tournaments hoping to win big money but end up losing all of their bankroll to the sharks in these tournaments. Some of the high profile tournaments would have a buy-in of $10,000 which is not affordable for everyone so give it a good thought before you go ahead with it. Not everyone can win at these tournaments but it is still not impossible. If you have the right mindset and are thoroughly prepared you could be the next big winner.


The Masters

A Toast to the Masters: Greatest Poker and Blackjack Players

Whatever sport you fancy, it is common to have one or two people that you look up to, mainly because of their achievements and successes in your favorite sport. The same holds true in card games such as blackjack and poker, which are the two of the most popular card games played all over the world.

Below are just some of the most notable players that have made their mark in poker and blackjack.

Stanford Wong

One of the most notable names in gambling is Stanford Wong, who is also known as John Ferguson. When he growing up, it was apparent that he was born under a very lucky star. It has been noted that even as a youngster playing Tic-Tac-Toe with his friends, he had never lost a game.

Wong began playing blackjack at a tender age of 12. Unlike most other people that learn to play blackjack for the money, Wong was more interested in studying the game and trying to develop his own strategies which he would then apply to see how effective they are. He had began to become very good at it that by the age of 21, Wong has gotten the best strategy that allowed him to read the cards effectively and eventually he was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Apart from being a brilliant blackjack player, Wong is also a noted author of study guides and books about blackjack which has helped hundreds of amateur blackjack players improve their game all over the world.

Erica Schoenberg

Also referred to as the “Blackjack Babe” and “Poker Babe”, Schoenberg is not only the most popular female blackjack and poker player in the world, she is also one of the youngest. At the age of 32, Schoenberg has already collected over $100,000 worth of winnings in both blackjack and poker.

While working as a model, a personal trainer, and even as a kickboxing instructor, Schoenberg continued to improve her card game skills, including receiving personal training from the infamous Blackjack Team from MIT.

David Reese

More commonly known by his nickname Chip, David Reese is regarded as the greatest cash game poker player in the world. At the age of 40 years, Reese has also been considered as the youngest player to have been ever inducted in the prestigious Poker Hall of Fame.

His most memorable win occurred at the 2006 World Series of Poker where he had won the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event against Andy Bloch, in what has been called as the game with the largest buy-in ever recorded and the longest heads-up battle between two poker players. In commemoration of his win, the World Series of Poker inaugurated the David “Chip” Reese Memorial Trophy in 2008 to serve as an additional prize for a poker player who wins the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event using a hand of Ace and Queen of Clubs, as this was the hand won the same event against Bloch back in 2006.

Don’t you wish you could join it too for the sake of that money!


Fundamental Blackjack Casino Play Guide

Even seasoned blackjack players need a bit of advice from time to time. As such, feel free to use this article as your guide to putting your blackjack-playing abilities to the next level. Aside from obvious advice like clearing your head of all distractions, picking the right tables, and concentrating on your task at hand, there are many strategies you can employ to optimize your playing time and maximize your potential earnings of sorts.

  • Avoiding Certain Tables: Every blackjack player whose worth his salt is aware of picking only tables that have players having chips that exceed the buy-in rate or being on the look out for the dealer-breaking table jackpot. However, avoiding bad tables can prove to be as important a skill as searching for good ones. The most obvious signs you should look for when trying to spot bad tables include a somber atmosphere, single-chip bets, and a sparse number of chips in front of the players.
  • Blackjack Strategy: Okay, so you’ve cleared your mind of distractions, avoided low-value tables like the plague and managed to find a decent table to play out. Once you’ve started playing, you now got a decision to make on every last blackjack hand: Take insurance if the dealer shows an ace, split pairs, double down, stand, or hit.

These choices will determine the amount of control you’ve have with the results of your hands and they’re also the reason why online blackjack is such a thrilling and stimulating game to play; outwitting your opponent is as much of a reward as winning the chips and cash. This popular casino tabletop game requires mathematically accurate decision-making (and quite a bit of card-counting savvy) in order for you to be successful at it.

There are many ways in order for you to develop the best strategy for this game, and it involves practice drills, memory aids, and learning drills when it comes to splitting a pair of like cards and playing two hands, doubling your bet and taking just one ore card, standing, and hitting your hand. Strategizing your decisions helps you reduce house odds to about one percent instead of the usual five or six percent you would otherwise get.

  • Regarding the Insurance Decision: Insurance is offered whenever the dealer shows an ace, which allows you to bet up to half of the bet in your hand that the dealers has or the ten-value card as the hole card. You are then rewarded two-to-one on your insurance bet with the dealer taking the losing bet on your hand or giving it back to you for the sake of paying off the insurance. If the dealer doesn’t have the blackjack, then you lose the insurance bet.

With that said, you are highly discouraged from taking insurance unless you have a blackjack at hand, in which case you’ll get reward one-to-one either way. For example, if the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack, you lose your insurance bet but get paid via your blackjack; meanwhile, if the dealer has blackjack, you push on your hand and get paid via the insurance bet. At any rate, insurance bets should only be taken if you have something to mitigate the risk; otherwise, the risk isn’t worth risking on a whim.


Free Spin Bonuses at Casinos Assessed

Some online casinos such as such as many of the US online casinos offer free spin bonuses. The free spin bonus typically gives casino players a free hour of play on a slot machine. The goal of the free spin bonus is to accumulate as much winnings as possible. Theoretically, the player is permitted to keep the winnings. The reality is that the player must meet wager requirements prior to being able to withdrawal the bonus money won during the free spin session.

The free spin method of casino bonus is quite fun. The free spin bonus allows a player to make their own bonus by spinning the reels of a slot machine. The player has an hour to make as much money as possible. Often the player may quit anytime prior to the hour mark, providing the player has made more than one hundred spins. The money above the original starting amount turns into the player’s casino bonus money.

Just like a deposit bonus, the free slots online spin bonus has a wager requirement. Typically, a player who has earned bonus money must wager the bonus amount thirty times over. If a player wins $500 via the free spin bonus, they must wager a total of $15,000 before the money is eligible for cashout.

Typically, online slot games as well as parlor games count fully towards the wager requirements. Unfortunately, many table games such as three card poker, Craps, Blackjack, and Video Poker games either do not count towards most wager requirements, or count partially. If a game counts partially towards the wager requirement, it means only a portion of the bet goes towards clearing your free spin bonus. For example, Roulette may only count 10% towards the wager requirement. For every $10 wagered on the roulette wheel, $1 is credited towards the player’s wager requirement.

Once the player has met the wagering requirements for their free spins bonus, a player must have first made a deposit in order to be eligible to cash out their bonus money and winnings. With free spin bonuses, the deposit amount is typically smaller than with bonus money for match bonuses. It is common to see a minimal deposit satisfy the depositing requirement for the free spin bonus. Once the wager requirement is met and the deposit has been made, a player is free to cash out any free spin bonus money and deposit that remains in the player account.

While free spin bonuses have great upside potential, it is important a casino player first understand the conditions associated with the free spin bonus.