Cheating in Blackjack – What Players Do to Cheat the Casinos

In blackjack players have cheated as long as the game has existed. Since decades, thousands of players have tried to use various cheating techniques in order to get more money from the casinos. Unfortunately, today things are different and cheating in blackjack is not really possible in casinos or at least it is not easy. Most casinos today are very well equipped and know how to handle cheaters. Land based casinos use cameras and sophisticated devices and software along with well trained security personnel in order to keep an eye on the players.

Casinos are aware of all the tricks that players use to cheat the pit bosses can identify cheaters in a matter of moment. Given below are some of the cheating methods which have been used by players to cheat casinos at blackjack in the last few years.

Casino Cheating

The land based casinos such as The Bellagio Casino were the only places where players could play blackjack in the past when the online casinos had not existed. Obviously, these were also the only places where the players chose to cheat. There were dozens of different cheating methods which were used by the players to cheat casinos in the past.

Players tried marking the playing cards undetectably and then inserted them back in the deck so that they could recognize the value of the cards when they were dealt. Over the time casinos became aware of these tactics and so the players switched over to luminous marks which can only be read through special glasses or lenses. The other popular cheating method was dealer collusion. Players used to ally with the dealers who would help the players cheat by using techniques like false shuffling, false cuts and second dealing.

The reason why dealer collusion worked quite well was because dealers are usually very talented and it is almost impossible to detect cheating if they perform the tricks well.

Electronic Cheating Devices

Cheaters moved on to electronic devices to cheat at blackjack as the game became more popular to get an edge over the casinos. Many different types of electronic devices had been made and had been used at the casinos over the years. Small computers and devices were often used which helped players track the shuffles and count cards. Security in the casinos was not as tight in the past as it is now. For this reason it was possible for the cheaters to carry such devices with them.

Online Cheating Methods

Online blackjack casinos have become quite a rage today and with its growing popularity cheating has also developed to new heights. Players today manage to sometimes cheat online casinos using different methods like cheating software for card counting to get an advantage at the game. One of the most well known cheating methods online are the bots which play a perfect game on behalf of the player online. Not only are the bots very effective but they are also very difficult to detect and for this reason they have become quite a threat to online casinos.