What are the Internet Poker Rules and Issues

Gone are the days when the Internet was just a portal where people can go to get pieces of information. Today, the Internet offers everything and anything that any person can think of. So, it is not surprising that gambling has made its way here as well. The vast number of websites for Internet poker is one of the many reasons why this card game has become extremely popular today than it has ever been.

One of the great things about Internet poker sites is that the rules are very much the same as the conventional “brick and mortar” places frequented by seasoned players.

Although majority of these websites follow Texas Holdem Poker rules, there are some websites that offer “rooms” where players can also play other variations of Poker such as Omaha and Hi-Lo Poker. As a result, Internet poker websites have been considered as great place for beginners to get a grasp of the basic rules of poker without having to worry about being intimidated by other players.

Perhaps the only variation to the rules from conventional poker games that are implemented in Internet poker is that there is a time limit for you to make a decision on your move. At the turn of each player, he or she is given no more that 2 minutes to make a decision whether to call the bet or to fold.

In the event that the player does not make his or her decision within the time allotted, the player is then taken out of the game and any bets that have been placed previously by the player is lost.

The downside of the rise in the popularity of Internet poker is the rise of various issues and concerns, particularly when it comes to rooms where players play with real money. One such issue is the allegation of insider cheating. Because Internet poker runs on a computer software program maintained by employees of a particular Internet gambling company, employees that have been granted these access may penetrate this and actually play for real money using their ability to maintain and manipulate the software program to his or her advantage.

This issue first became widely known in 2007 when Players Only POker released a statement that the integrity of their website has been breached by one of their employees. In 2008, this issue sprung back when employees of UltimateBet were accused of using their access into the computer software to see the cards of their opponents.

In line with this, there have been questions also with regards to the randomness of the cards in order to entice more players to bet big during the game. In order to combat this, many Internet companies have sought the services of major auditing firms to review the overall fairness of their random generator and payout systems.

It is not only with the employees of Internet poker companies where integrity issues have risen. This has extended among players as well. Some players create multiple accounts in order to minimize loses and maximize on their winnings. This issue broke when in 2007, the winner of the main event of World Championship of Online Poker held by

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